EQ-Radio: Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals

Mingmin Zhao      Fadel Adib      Dina Katabi

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


EQ-Radio is a new technology that can infer a person’s emotions using wireless signals. It transmits an RF signal and analyzes its reflections off a person’s body to recognize his emotional state (happy, sad, etc.). The key enabler underlying EQ-Radio is a new algorithm for extracting the individual heartbeats from the wireless signal at an accuracy comparable to on-body ECG monitors.




Slides can be downloaded from here: Keynote slides, PowerPoint slides.


EQ-Radio was covered by: MIT News, The Wall Street Journal‎, Forbes, IEEE Spectrum, CBC, CCTV, CNN, CBS, Popular Science, Scientific American, Gizmodo, Business Insider, Fast Company, Engadget, Futurism, TechRepublic, TechCrunch, Consumerist, and other media outlets.